What do you get when you combine our trailblazing Blaze ET Multi-Player with OCR and the ultra-portable Smart Beetle Braille Display? . . . A Match Made in Assistive Tech-Heaven!

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Blaze ET Front and BackBlaze ET Multi-Player with OCR

Blaze ET sets a new standard for portable DAISY players. For the first time, blind and visually impaired consumers have access to pocket-sized book players integrated with OCR text-to-speech to capture and read aloud hardcopy printed documents on-demand. Scan a single page or use continuous (batch) scanning to capture multiple pages into one file. Our new v1.5 firmware update adds Braille support for pairing Blaze ET with any of the HIMS Braille products, and a new OCR interface with indicators that help you locate text on a page before you snapshot the OCR.

  • Stand-alone, single-button OCR capture and read
  • Advanced, and yet easy-to-use controls and file system
  • Play DAISY, music and audio book files
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • High-quality Recording
  • 12 GB internal flash memory
  • 12 hours battery life

Smart Beetle Braille DisplayUltra-Portable 14-Cell Braille Display with 5 Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections.

Smart Beetle is a 14-cell Braille display that brings the world to your fingertips. It’s the lightest, most portable Braille display available.Take it with you to school, to work or on vacation and have reliable,discrete access to all of your mobile devices and personal computer systems.

  • Remembers five Bluetooth devices and offers a USB 2.0 connection for a sixth
  • Compatible with Popular Screen Readers
  • Revolutionary Bluetooth Keyboard emulates all the functions of a QWERTY keyboard
  • Long-lasting Battery lets you stay connected via Bluetooth for up to 24 hours without the need to recharge.
  • Blaze-EZ-Premium-Options-Pack-With BoxHelpful udio prompts let you know when SmartBeetle powers on, the status of Bluetooth connections and more.

Blaze EZ/ET Premium Options Pack (P.O.P.)

Get even more from your Blaze EZ  or Blaze ET Multi-Player with the Blaze EZ/ET Premium Options Pack. This kit includes: OCR capture stand, charging cradle, extra battery and spare AC adapter.