OCR & Book Players

//OCR & Book Players
  • Blaze EZ OCR Multi-Player is yet another example of the HIMS commitment to blazing new paths to accessibility. Blaze EZ’s wide range of media support and on-the-spot OCR & text-to-speech ensures endless hours of information and entertainment at the touch of a button, including newspapers, books, documents, restaurant menus as well as DAISY and media content. You can scan and read printed materials immediately, or save them for reading at your leisure.
  • The New Book Player Everyone is Talking About… An Advanced Multi-Player with OCR for Books, Music, Documents, Podcasts, Recording, DAISY and More!
  • GoVision in Reading View position.
    Rated 5.00 out of 5


    GoVision is an all-in-one, space-saving HD video magnifier that combines all the best features of a desktop video magnifier with transportability and connectivity unrivaled by other products. Take GoVision wherever you need it to magnify text, view photos, check ingredients on food packaging, do crafts and much more. Use Self View Mode for personal grooming or applying make-up before you leave the house. Take GoVision with you to use the Distance Mode with the 360° camera rotation to view a whiteboard in the classroom or a presentation at work.
  • E-bot and E-bot ADV


    E-bot & E-bot ADV iPad-compatible Read, Write and Distance Portable Video Magnifier with OCR

    Get the ONLY portable video magnifier that’s compatible with iPad, Android, PC and Mac. Magnify near and far. Use E-bot to read a book, see the blackboard or take notes in class. Use E-bot ADV to perform text-to-speech with OCR and listen to it read aloud through built-in speakers or your own headset.
  • E-bot PRO

    Display directly on your iPad screen via dedicated Wi-Fi wireless access point and use common touch-screen gestures to adjust the magnification level and image color, capture an image or OCR a document. . . and even control the camera movement. Or, connect with a Mac via USB 3.0 or PC via USB 2.0/3.0, or a TV or computer monitor with HDMI.
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    Blaze ET & Smart Beetle Bundle