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New Technologies for the Blind Bring Better Access to Healthcare, Education & More

2018-03-29 11:20

New accessible body composition machine and pocket-size Braille notetaker announced by Selvas Healthcare and HIMS, Inc. at convention in San Diego.


Today at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference HIMS Inc. announced the release of BrailleSense Polaris MINI, a full-powered, pocket-sized model of their Google Certified Braille NoteTaker weighing less than 15 Oz. The Polaris Mini sports 20 cells of crisp, high-quality Braille, and like it's big Brother,features an upgradable Android operating system — making the Polaris family the most future proof Braille Notetakers available! Access to the PlayStore and core Google services such as Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides and classroom? Yes! Traditional Notetaker Menus, Self-Voicing Applications and quiet, ergonomic Braille Keypad? Yes!

Damian Pickering, VP of Sales for Austin, Texas-based HIMS, Inc. shared, “The ultimate notetaker is more than a stand-alone device. It should be optimized for blind-users, and seamlessly connect with the host of mainstream services and devices that surround us, our computers, tablets, Smart Phones and the internet — that's Polaris.”

HIMS, inc. is also showcasing the BC380, a state-of-the-art Body composition Analyzer that is accessible to blind users.

“Accessible healthcare devices are an important new branch of our business,” said Daniel Lee, CEO, HIMS, Inc. Lee continued, “Healthcare technology should be accessible and available to people of all abilities.”

HIMS, Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributer of Braille, Magnification, and accessible Healthcare devices. At HIMS, innovation is driven by customer feedback, and many of our employees rely on our products in their own lives. We strive for what could be better to bring you the best.

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