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Announcement of BrailleSense Polaris by HIMS, Inc.

2017-03-09 15:00

Announcement of BrailleSense Polaris by HIMS, Inc. at CSUN 2017 San Diego, CA

BrailleSense Polaris

 Today HIMS Inc. announced the release of BrailleSense Polaris, the first Virtual Braille Tablet for the blind.  Polaris is the latest in the popular BrailleSense Notetaker family and features state-of-the-art hardware and software including Android’s Lollipop operating system and the name-sake Polaris Office Suite found on millions of Smart Phones worldwide.  Polaris integrates a touch-sensitive Braille display with Miracast connectivity to the mainstream computer or tablet of your choice.  At less than 2 pounds, Polaris is a sleek, professional mobile tool seamlessly blending the feel of a traditional Notetaker with cutting edge access to mainstream applications and Google Services such as Docs, Drive, Slides, Sheets and Classroom.

“We are excited to raise the bar for blind people with this next generation BrailleSense, which is truly best in class,” said Damian Pickering, Vice President of Sales.  “Until now, blind people have faced a choice between proprietary “blind-friendly” devices that lag modern standards and mainstream solutions, which were sometimes frustrating to learn and use.”

People familiar with a traditional Notetaker will be instantly at home with Polaris, but will be impressed with their new-found access to modern Office formats, DOCX, PDF, Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and of course, the Google Play Store, NFC and Android Pay.  Best of all, Polaris’s Android Lollipop operating system will be upgradable when new accessibility breakthroughs are available, making this the most “future proof” BRAILLE device on the market.

“With Polaris, you can feel the future,” said Dave Wilkinson, National Education Manager, “And if you touch it, you will want it!”

HIMS Inc. invites you to experience Polaris for yourself.

Traditionally innovative, HIMS Inc. is a global leader in Braille and Low Vision Technology products.  Located in Austin Texas.

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