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Announcing Maintenance Update to Braille EDGE 40 Firmware Version 1.1

2016-09-29 15:00

HIMS is pleased to announce a maintenance update to its Braille EDGE 40 firmware. This release has several enhancements and new features which were requested by end users. These enhancements and features make an already value-priced display an even better bargain.

UEB Support throughout Braille EDGE 40 Messages and Prompts

The Braille EDGE 40 already had UEB support from within the notepad. However, now UEB support is available for all messages and prompts throughout the Braille EDGE 40 menus.

Improved JAWS Support

The function keys on the Braille EDGE 40 now perform the same functions as their QWERTY equivalents. This means there are dedicated keys for Escape, Tab, Control, Alt, Insert, Shift, Windows and Applications.

Test Mode

Test Mode allows the user to exercise the display on the Braille EDGE 40 or to make sure that all pins and keys are working correctly.

Typing Mode Added to Notepad

Typing Mode has been a popular feature on the Braille Sense models for years and now it comes to the Notepad of the Braille EDGE 40. Typing Mode can keep you from inadvertently pressing a navigation command (like SPACE+DOT4) in a document. With Typing Mode enabled, dot combinations with the spacebar are entered in a document as that character followed by a space. For example, a “B” pressed with the “SPACEBAR” would be entered as “B” followed by a “space” in the document. This feature is particularly useful for fast braillists.

Exam Mode

Exam Mode came to the Braille Sense U2 earlier this year and now it is available on the Braille EDGE 40. Exam Mode shuts down all applications on the Braille EDGE 40 and allows the unit to only be used as a Braille display with a screen reader. This is ideal for numerous test taking environments. Exam Mode is password protected so that it cannot be exited without the password.

Download the new Braille EDGE 40 firmware here

For instructions on any of the features of this new update, please refer to the attached Release Notes or the Braille EDGE 40 User Manual. You can also call HIMS Technical Support at (888) 520-4467 option 2 or you can e-mail .