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Braille Sense Notetaker v8.6 Firmware Update Just Released

2016-09-15 15:00

Braille Sense Notetaker v8.6 Firmware Update with BookShare fix, new Tablet Viewer feature and Math Symbol Select.

HIMS, Inc. is pleased to announce new firmware for the Braille Sense U2, U2 QWERTY and U2 MINI. This firmware restores full access to our BookShare app and also includes two surprise new features.

In this upgrade, we introduce “VNC Mode” and “Math Symbol Select“. VNC Mode allows a teacher, parent or friend to view your notetaker’s screen using an iOS or Android device.  You can download the free VNC Viewer app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. There are multiple VNC Viewer apps. We strongly recommend using the VNC Viewer app from Real VNC. You can find full instructions for using VNC Mode in the Utilities section in the Help menu on your Braille sense U2. Watch the video below to see how VNC Mode works.

Math Symbol Select expands on our robust support for Nemeth and UEB Math. Math Symbol Select allows you to find a Nemeth or UEB math symbol in online help and press ENTER on that symbol to have it inserted into a document.

Please visit our resource center for more details and instructions for updating your Braille Sense U2Braille Sense U2 QWERTY and Braille Sense U2 MINI.

Be on the lookout for another U2 update with several new features. This update will be coming soon.