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1007, 2017

HIMS, Inc. Has Launched BrailleSense Polaris – World’s First Upgradeable Google-Certified Braille Device for the Blind

Austin, TX, July 10, 2017 ( - Today, HIMS, Inc. announces the official launch of BrailleSense Polaris, the world’s first upgradable, Google-Certified braille device for the blind. Polaris is the latest in the popular [...]

903, 2017

Announcement of BrailleSense Polaris by HIMS, Inc.

Announcement of BrailleSense Polaris by HIMS, Inc. at CSUN 2017 San Diego, CA  Austin, Texas, March 1, 2017 – Today HIMS Inc. announced the release of BrailleSense Polaris, the first Virtual Braille Tablet for the blind.  [...]

2909, 2016

Announcing Maintenance Update to Braille EDGE 40 Firmware Version 1.1

HIMS is pleased to announce a maintenance update to its Braille EDGE 40 firmware. This release has several enhancements and new features which were requested by end users. These enhancements and features make an already [...]

1509, 2016

Braille Sense Notetaker v8.6 Firmware Update Just Released

Braille Sense Notetaker v8.6 Firmware Update with BookShare fix, new Tablet Viewer feature and Math Symbol Select. HIMS, Inc. is pleased to announce new firmware for the Braille Sense U2, U2 QWERTY and U2 MINI. This [...]

1507, 2016

Blaze Firmware v2.0 Update Now Available

You asked, and we listened. HIMS is pleased to announce Blaze V2.0 for Blaze EZ and Blaze ET, with features you’ve requested and waited for. This upgrade offers much much faster text input and navigation, searching and [...]

3006, 2016

Announcing the Long-awaited Release of Sense Notetaker…

Announcing the Long-awaited Release of Sense Notetaker V8.5 Patch HIMS is pleased to bring you this highly anticipated patch firmware release for the Braille Sense V8.5 firmware. This will be the final firmware release for the [...]

2103, 2016

HIMS Inc. Partners to Distribute Reinecker Video Magnifiers…

HIMS Inc. Signs Partnership Agreement with Germany-based Reinecker Vision, GmbH to Distribute Reinecker Video Magnifiers in the U.S. and Canada James McCarthy and Max Reinecker Shaking Hands at CSUN 2016 Austin, TX, March 21, [...]

202, 2016

$1,500 Braille Notetaker Trade-in Credit

Turn your old Braille Notetaker into a $1,500 credit toward a feature-packed Braille Sense U2 or U2 QWERTY! Is your Braille notetaker looking a little worse for wear? Are you lacking adequate access to school [...]

511, 2015

Nemeth and the Braille Sense Explainer Video

Nemeth and the Braille Sense We show you how easy it is for students to perform complex math assignments using Nemeth on Braille Sense notetakers - and how the familiar output (with no abbreviations) makes it [...]

511, 2015

Braille Sense and iOS Pairing Explainer Video

Pairing Braille Sense with an iOS Device  Learn how to pair a braille Sense Notetaker to an iPad or iPhone, and use as a Braille display for easy text messaging and more.