Intelligent Upgrade Plan FAQ’S

What is the Intelligent Upgrade Plan?

The Intelligent Upgrade Plan gives you the chance to upgrade from your BrailleSense Polaris to the BrailleSense 6 for only $2,295. The quick explanation is that we will take the braille cells out of your Polaris and put them into a brand-new BrailleSense 6.

Please be informed that this Intelligent Upgrade Plan is offered by HIMS, Inc. only for its customers in US and Canada.

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How does this work?

HIMS will contact you aproximately 2 weeks before we ask for you to send in your Polaris. We will include instructions on where and when to send in your device. Please be aware that due to significant demand that it may take some time for us to contact you to begin your upgrade.

At the same time that we contact you we will request payment for the upgrade. If you choose to not proceed with the upgrade we ask that you let us know immediately so we can schedule someone else for upgrade.

Please note that if you qualified for the promotional upgrade price and choose not to proceed then your price to upgrade in the future will be the full price. If you cannot upgrade due to budget please contact us immediately and we will try to work with you so you can retain your upgrade promotional price. 

After we receive your Polaris, we remove the existing braille cells and place them into a BrailleSense 6. With the exception of your braille cells every part of your BrailleSense 6 is brand-new. It’s almost like getting a new device.

What about shipping?

  1. You are responsible for sending your Polaris to HIMS for the upgrade.
  2. There is a flat-rate $45 shipping charge (shipping to AK and HI will be different) for us to ship the device back to you.
  3. We ship via UPS and you will receive a tracking number when your device leaves our warehouse.
  4. We cannot use your shipping account due to carrier insurance on the devices

Do I get a Warranty?

Yes. Every part of your new device is covered under a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty except for the braille cells. The warranty on the braille cells will expire on the date they would normally expire if they remained in the Polaris. For example, if your Polaris is 4 months old and there are 8 months of warranty remaining, your braille cells will continue to be covered under warranty for 8 months.

Do I qualify for the Pre-Order Benefits?

No. The additional 6 month warranty and free spare battery are for people who wish to purchase a new BrailleSense 6 before the product begins shipping. 

Can I Request a Quote and Submit a Purchase Order?

Yes, if you are a school, government agency, or organization and you need a quote you can request one by emailing or by calling 512-837-2000. We are accepting Purchase Orders as well, however, please note that we plan to begin shipping the BrailleSense 6 early June of 2021 and we will begin upgrading devices around the same time. Due to a higher than anticipated demand you may experience a delay between the product ship date and upgrade availability for your order. If your Purchase Order or Quote is time sensitive please let us know immediately and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.

When Can I Expect My Upgrade?

Due to unexpected demand we will be upgrading devices in groups, with priority given based on the date of sign-up for the upgrade. Additionally, consideration will be given to schools as we understand that it may be preferred to upgrade over the summer when school is not in session. If you have already registered and you wish to have an updated timeline, please email and request an update. 

Can I Trade-In Another Device for a BrailleSense 6

Yes, we accept most refreshable braille products for a trade-in credit. If you wish to trade-in a braille device for the BrailleSense 6 and you want to know the credit amount for your old device, please refer to our trade-in pricing online at


Question: What happens if I have weak or dead braille cells?

Answer: If your braille cells seem weak then HIMS will contact you and inform you of our findings. If we determine that your braille cells are in such poor condition that the upgrade plan is not feasible then we will inform you and refund your upgrade price.

Question: Will you clean my braille cells during the upgrade process?

Answer: HIMS will clean off any visible dust particles or lose debris. If you wish to have a full cleaning we can provide a cleaning for an additional $175.

Question: How long will I be without my Polaris?

Answer: While it is difficult to give an exact time due to differences in shipping times, we expect that your device will be with HIMS support staff for up to one month but all efforts will be made to reduce this wait.

Question: Can I upgrade from a Polaris Mini to a BrailleSense 6?

Answer: We cannot provide an upgrade from the Polaris Mini to the BrailleSense 6 due to differences in the braille cell size.