BrailleSense 6 Firmware

Download the Latest Firmware Today

The latest firmware for the BrailleSense 6 is now available! You can download the firmware by going to Utilities (u) then Upgrade (u), then choose “online” and press Enter. Alternatively, you can install the firmware offline by downloading the latest version here: Download Firmware. You can find a complete list of release notes by downloading them here: Firmware Release Notes.

Read on to learn more about what this exciting upgrade has to offer. As always, we provide our customers with the latest firmware at no cost, so install it today and enjoy!

Bible App

It’s official. HIMS has brought back the Bible application for the BrailleSense 6. This braille-first app is built specifically for notetaker use and includes 5 translations along with intuitive features. Copy verses and paste into the Word Processor or Notepad for your studies, or quickly jump by verse or chapter. If you want to read the bible on a notetaker there is no better choice.

Download the Bible App and other BrailleSense 6 files on our BrailleSense 6 resources page.

Wiki App

Want to look up something real quick? We have added a new Wiki app that gives you the ability to quickly find information on what you want to know, all from the convenience of an app built for braille users. 

Document Reader

We are happy to announce the addtion of our new Document Reader app. This app gives you the ability to open and read more files than ever before, including .epub. Our Document Reader gives you excellent reading controls and a smooth reading experience from start to finish. 

Podcast App

Do you like podcasts? Well, if you do, then you will love the new Podcast app on the BrailleSense 6. Stay up to date with the latest trends or listen to your favorite mystery casts, and don’t forget to tune into the new HIMS podcast while your at it. 

Deaf-Blind Communication

HIMS has made face-to-face communication for the DeafBlind community easier than ever. Sighted colleagues can type on a connected QWERTY keyboard and read what is being typed using the built-in LCD display, allowing a person to read the message in her prefered braille grade. In addition, the Notepad app can now add braille from right to left as messages are typed, allowing for real-time understanding.