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The Braille Edge 40 is a 40-cell refreshable Braille display, with value added features. They are available On-the-Go, with Screen Readers, Function Keys, Bluetooth, and USB. Please make sure your product and the resource match up correctly. Guaranteeing a proper download and viewing of information specific to your product. Specifically, allowing you to making sure the information you are looking for is compatible to your device. Ultimately, allowing for the product commands to function properly. Each resource contained will help with product functionality and guide in proper use. Current information for this product is posted on this page. Finally, each product contained below is for you to download and look over at your convince. All firmware updates are in ascending order.

Otherwise, for further assistance with technical support please call Tech Support at (512) 837-2000. Then, use option 1 when prompted on the telephone. Additionally, you can email technical support for a faster response at

You can also find more information on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. We’re always here to help, no matter the issue.

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