Back to School Promotions for 2017!

/Back to School Promotions for 2017!
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A new year, a new BrailleSense Polaris!

Introducing Polaris, the first upgradeable, Google-Certified Braille Notetaker with support for Google Docs, Drive, Sheets and Classroom!  Stack the deck for student success with the next generation BrailleSense by HIMS, the sleekest, most powerful notetaker ever.  Check out the below promotional packages and trade-in offers for the best values of the season!

Help Desk Pack: Buy a Polaris, get a free Monitor!

Service Pack: Get two free years of warranty!

Big Brother Pack: Buy a Polaris, get a free BrailleSense U2 MINI!

Family Pack: Buy two Polaris’, get a free 32-Cell BrailleSense U2!

Visionary Pack: Buy a Polaris, get a free GoVision!

See below for details!

All Prices, Promotions, and Warranties on this Website are Valid in the United States and Canada Only.

These offers are valid through December 31st, 2017.

Polaris Trade-In Credits

Which device do you have?

Trade-In Credit

Your New Polaris Price

HIMS BrailleSense U2 32 cell

$1,800 $3,995

Humanware BrailleNote Touch 32 cell



HIMS BrailleSense Plus



Humanware BrailleNote Apex



HIMS BrailleSense U2 MINI (18 cell)



Humanware BrailleNote Touch 18 cell



HIMS BrailleSense OnHand (18 cell)



Humanware BrailleNote Apex 18 cell $1,000


Education Promotional Packages

Package 1: Help Desk Pack— $4,995.
Follow what your student is working on at their desk, without leaving yours! This pack includes your brand new BrailleSense Polaris and a monitor with Wi-Fi direct dongle, all for $800 less than retail price of the Polaris alone!

Package 2: Service Pack—$4,995.
Get double the warranty at no extra cost! With this package, you’ll receive your brand new BrailleSense Polaris with two full years of warranty coverage, all for $800 less than you would spend on a Polaris with only half of that warranty. This pack is the epitome of planning for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Package 3:  Little Brother$5,795
BOGO! With the Little Brother pack, you receive a BrailleSense U2 Mini, valued at $2,995, for FREE when you purchase a BrailleSense Polaris at the full retail price of $5,795. Yes, you read that correctly! A value of $8,790, offered to you for just under $6,000! This pack gives you a portable, powerful notetaker for your early Braille learner, while also providing a portable powerhouse Braille Android tablet for your middle-school or high-school student.

Package 4:  Family Pack—$11,590
Something for everybody! With the Family pack, you receive a 32-cell BrailleSense U2, valued at $4,595, for FREE when you purchase two BrailleSense Polaris at the full retail price of $5,795 each. A value of over $16,000, offered to you for $11,590. This package is ideal if you have multiple students at different levels needing notetakers, or even if you have students who can utilize the U2 now, and a Polaris in the future! Why pay more than you have to? Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Package 5:  Visionary—$5,795
Two birds, one stone! With the Visionary package, you’ll receive a GoVision 19”, a transportable video magnifier valued at $2,795, for FREE when you purchase a BrailleSense Polaris at the full retail price of $5,795. Equip your resource room with the very best in blindness technology, AND low-vision technology!

GoVision 19” or 24″—$2,495
Our vision for this school year starts here – with the GoVision! This video magnifier with a built-in OCR does it all – 58 possible color mode combinations, Text-to-Speech, 3 different viewing modes, built-in voice guide, the ability to save the text you’re reading, and much more! With a 19” or 24″ LCD display and an HD camera, able to rotate 360˚, you can equip your student with the very best of magnification technology.

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