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Postcard photo of Austin Texas HeadquartersHIMS has been a global leader in the development and manufacturing of assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired since 1999. Our US headquarters is centrally located in Austin, Texas and is responsible for all of our North American operations including sales, support and repair of all HIMS products. We are proud to employ individuals with low vision and blindness at all levels both domestically and overseas.

Leaders in Innovation

We are committed to providing affordable, high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers at work, at school and at home, but our commitment goes much farther than this. We continuously strive to lead the way in new product development, and have proven our leadership in the assistive technology industry by being the first to market with countless new innovations.

We were the first company to: offer a 4.3″ LCD video magnifier with multiple magnification;¬†introduce a 4.3″ LCD video magnifier with close-up and distance magnification; bring the power and storage capacity of a tablet PC to a Braille notetaker; develop a 40-cell Braille display with basic notetaking capabilities and iOS and Android compatibility; include mainstream features like integrated Google Maps and specialized applications for YouTube, Excel and DropBox in a notetaker for the blind; create an iPad compatible portable video magnifier with OCR; and develop a handheld multi-media and DAISY player with a built-in camera¬†to give people who are blind on-demand access to printed text.

Driven by Your Success

Our commitment to innovation and quality at seriously competitive prices has helped us to make a lot of new friends over the past 14 years. Our customers can be found using our products in prestigious corporate positions, government offices, universities, elementary schools and more. HIMS products have helped individuals with blindness and low vision to do everything from chatting with friends on social media to earning college degrees and securing long-term, dependable employment opportunities

It is the success of our customers in both personal and professional ventures that continues to provide the inspiration for our new products and the drive to continue striving for excellence in everything that we do. In many cases, our innovations are the direct result of feedback from our customers, their teachers, their trainers, their colleagues and their parents.

To learn more about our solutions for low vision, blindness and deaf blind communication, please view the video below or call us right away at 888-520-4467 for a free demonstration or Braille workshop at your school or place of business.