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Resources for: BookSense

BookSense Standard 3.0 Upgrade

***Upgrading BookSense standard***
***    T50(RED) v3.0 ***

Below you will find links and instructions for downloading the update to the 3.0 release.

This upgrade features support for PDF files, the ability to record DAISY books, text entry for searching files and folders as well as words or phrases in documents, the ability to transfer files from 1 folder/drive on the unit to another and the capability of playing books directly from NLS cartridges. 

Click here for the release note for a full description of the features available in this release.

Please download the upgrade from the following link:

Please follow these instructions to upgrade your BookSense.

  1. Download the zip file containing the firmware from the link above to your PC.
  2. Extract the firmware file on your PC; please be sure it contains 1 file with .bin extension.
  3. Copy the 1 file from your PC and paste it into the root of your SD card.
    *Please make sure the 1 .bin file are placed in the root of the SD card.
  4. Insert the SD card into the BookSense.
  5. Connect the AC adaptor to the BookSense.
  6. Power on the BookSense.
  7. Press the MENU button and navigate to “Advanced options” using the Up or Down arrow.
  8. Press the Right arrow to open the “Advanced options”. You will be placed on the “Upgrade firmware” option.
  9. Press the Right arrow. You will be asked “Do you want to upgrade?” Answer “Yes”.
  10. Press the MENU or the OK button, and the system will upgrade and reboot.  

* When the upgrade is complete, please check your system information to ensure that you are running firmware 2.3.


BookSense Master – File Management PC SW

HIMS is pleased to announce the release of BookSense Master–free, downloadable companion software for your PC, created to assist with locating and transferring files to your BookSense.

You can use BookSense Master to search your PC for content playable on your BookSense and select it for transfer directly to the correct folder locations on your BookSense flashdisk or SD card.

BookSense Master is compatible with all BookSense models: BookSense standard, BookSense XT and BookSense DS.

Download BookSense Master from the following link:


Installation Instructions:

BookSense Master Read Me

Complete user guide:
BookSense Master Manual


Getting Started Tutorial

We now have available a Getting Started Tutorial for the BookSense and BookSense XT. This tutorial will orient you to the unit, introduce you to the programming, and give you basic instruction on how to use it. We will be releasing more tutorials in future covering each of the specific programs on the unit.
BookSense Getting Started.mp3


New Upgrade Features (BookSense)

Below you will find documentation and audio tutorials describing and demonstrating the newest features in this upgrade for BookSense and BookSense XT.
BookSense Calculator.mp3