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Braille Sense U2 Communicator

Introducing the Deaf-Blind Braille Sense U2 Communicator 

The Braille Sense U2 from HIMS, in addition to being the fastest and most advanced Braille Notetaker available, is uniquely designed for Deaf-Blind Users as a complete communication package.

Connectivity at Home or On The Go

Our Braille Sense U2 has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for email and internet connectivity. With its GoogleTalk and MSN Messenger applications, you can chat with your friends and family, anywhere, anytime. 

An Intuitive Face to Face Communication Solution

Our U2 has a built-in, flippable LCD Display, making it a face to face communicator package with the simple addition of an optional USB or Bluetooth keyboard. Simply connect the keyboard and type back and forth with a sighted/hearing person:

- Type text in to a document in the word processor from the U2
- The sighted person can then read the text on the LCD
- They can type back using the USB or Bluetooth keyboard
- You can read their text as they type using the U2’s Braille display

Vibration Motor

With a built-in vibration motor, the Deaf-Blind user is alerted to messages, prompts, incoming chats, and alarms in a way that is accessible without hearing or sight.

Braille Sense as a Braille Terminal

Connect the Braille Sense U2 to your PC, MAC or Smartphone and gain intuitive Braille access using a variety of screen readers across multiple platforms. Use the Braille Sense U2 to ergonomically and efficiently type text messages, read emails, navigate web pages via your device’s web browser and access your appointments.

iOS Connection via Bluetooth

Braille Sense U2 operates as a Braille display via Bluetooth with iOS devices providing Braille keyboard input and Braille output for your iPhone or iPad. Use the Terminal Clipboard on the Braille Sense U2 to comfortably edit text on the notetaker before sending to the I-device as well as to copy and paste text from other programs on the notetaker to the iPhone or iPad.

iOS Deaf-Blind Communicator Application

Use our upcoming iPhone communicator application to easily establish a Bluetooth connection between your Braille Sense U2 and iPhone and use the combination as a Face to Face Deaf-Blind Communicator.

Coming Soon!!

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Braille Sense U2 Communicator Package Options:

  • Braille Sense U2
  • USB Keyboard or Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Getting Started Guide in Braille


Braille Sense U2 Communicator Package Price (Shipping Included)
Braille Sense U2   + USB Keyboard $5,685
Braille Sense U2   + Bluetooth Keyboard $5,740