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CANDY Portable Video Magnifier

Low Vision Products

HIMS low vision products for the visually impaired include both desktop and portable video magnifiers. Our popular portable models include the SenseView DUO, which allows for both near and distance viewing, as well as the new CANDY and CANDY GRIP. The Lifestyle DESKTOP series features both Standard-Definition and our new High-Definition CCTV camera models. If you or someone you know has macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, inoperable cataracts, or other visual impairment, a HIMS video magnifier can help them retain or regain their independence and quality of life. SEE the Sense in SenseView!

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Braille Sense Notetakers

HIMS Braille Sense products for the blind and visually impaired are the ultimate Braille notetakers for productivity at work or school. They offer a host of applications and entertainment options. Our three models all provide Braille displays and speech output. You can select either an 18-cell or 32-cell refreshable Braille display and either a Perkins-style or QWERTY keyboard. Every HIMS notetaker includes a word processor, e-mail, web browser, database manager, scientific calculator, DAISY player and many more useful features such as Wi-Fi and optional Sense Navigation GPS. Braille Sense are the most powerful and reliable Braille notetakers on the market today. FEEL the Sense in Braille Sense!

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Voice Sense Notetakers

HIMS Voice Sense products are notetakers with synthesized speech output. Voice Sense notetakers are sleek and light yet power packed for on-the-go business productivity, efficiency in the classroom and personal entertainment anywhere. The Voice Sense and Voice Sense QWERTY provide a schedule and address manager, DAISY and media player, email and internet access, word processor and scientific calculator. They are also Sense Navigation compatible. HEAR the Sense in Voice Sense!

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DAISY Players

HIMS BookSense products are the most feature-rich, convenient and lightweight pocket-sized DAISY players available. All models feature an intuitive folder structure for efficiently organizing content and a built-in text to speech engine which enables a wide range of electronic documents to be easily accessible. Blaze EZ even has built-in OCR text to speech for near-instant access to printed materials!

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HIMS Bluetooth iOS Solution

Deaf-Blind Communication Solutions

HIMS notetakers are created with the Deaf-Blind in mind. With built-in visual displays, face to face communication requires only the addition of a QWERTY keyboard. With built-in vibration motors, the Deaf-Blind are alerted to messages, prompts, and alarms in a way that is accessible to them. Connect the Braille Sense to your PC or Mac and gain intuitive Braille access using a variety of screen readers across multiple platforms. Connectivity with iPhones, iPods, and iPads provides access to realy services, text messaging, additional face to face communication options and access to the Internet anytime, anywhere.

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HIMS EDGE 40 in Case


Get the most out of your HIMS Braille Notetaker or Braille Display with accessories made specifically for use with our products. Maximize the functionality of your Braille EDGE, Braille Sense, or Voice Sense QWERTY with SenseNav Accessible GPS or our add-on LCD screen -- a favorite among teachers and parents of Braille Sense users. We also offer custom-fitted cases from Executive products that help protect your investment while giving you easy access to all the necessary features.

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